What drives Caseed

The best way to affect sustainable change, is to tackle all areas that perpetuate poverty. Since we have identified needs of various poor communities, as palm oil processing factories, cassava milling factories, these we wish to undertake, and also we intend to give skills to women and youths of these rural communities, in other to empower them, which will in turn help them to support themselves and their families, there by taken them out of poverty. Caseed also work with our donar to help in improving the primary healthcare services in this rural communities, this is very critical,

Odor Chononye Treasurer and Co- cordinator of Women Programme CASEED

“A privileged to be one of the founding member Caseed, an Ngo in  city of Leipzig, Germany. CASEED is a non-governmental
organisation that is dedicated towards empowerment of the Women, children, orphans and youth, educational and medical (Healthcare) support. It is also involved in Advocacy against illagal Imigrant, creche facilities for the children and materialistic support to empower women such as workshop that generate self employment.”

Nomtha Vellem Secretary and Coordinator of Women Programme CASEED

Caseed will provide a plat form for the disoriented youths, to be mentored by professionals and captains of Industries as part of our Advocacy. We are currently working out ways, to work with our partner Organizations in African countries to close the educational gap between rural and urban areas, caseed believe that Education is the key. This Organization, sincerely believe that the poor deserve not just compassion, but also they deserve to be Educated.

Victor Obinali President, Coordinator in-charge of strategic and communication CASEED