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CASEED is a registered  non profit Organization, that has proper knowledge of the needs of various rural communities in Africa. This Organization was started by some young African students in Leipzig, Germany. These students were born in Africa, having come from some of these rural communities, we felt pains and we understand the need to  assist. We believe that Education/ youth empowerment is the key. Caseed as an Organization, sincerely believed that the poor deserve not just compassion, but also right to be Informed.


  • Youth and women empowerment/skill acquisition.
  • Advocacy against influx of illegal immigration Living Africa. (The need to empower them in their Home country)
  • Partnering with other sister organizations to close educational gap between rural and Urban Areas in Africa.
  • Advocacy to promote gender equality in Africa.
  • Advocacy to provide effective and sustainable primary healthcare in Africa rural areas.
  • To combat HIV/AIDS, cholera, Polio, Malaria, and Tuberculosis.
  • Advocacy on the need for African immigrants in Germany to learn German language/skills as an important integration tool

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