Capacity building

Capacity building and Empowerment of Women with migration background and Refugees (Africa)

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Socio-economic Empowerment and Integration:

It will help strengthen women and encourage them to get out of the social system and to seek work. It will also guide them on how to manage time and take advantage of the socio-economic opportunities that are accessible to them so that they can add value to the future of their children.

Content of the project

  • Aims and objective
  • Influence and encourage women about positive thinking and the impact of it thereofI
  • nvolving women to be part of the economic system and not only solely dependent on the governments’ social security programs. etc.
  • Why will empowering women
  • Different types of skills women can do (Vocational training)
  • What can women with migration background be good at?
  • How to take the first step
  • The ultimate impact of acquiring skills, vocation training and (or) education
  • Life experience of someone (volunteer) that is doing well who study in Germany and is now successfully integrated into the system
  • Question and Answer or Comments (open floor)

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