Target group

The target group are primarily migrants who live in Leipzig and Saxony

African migrants. In particular, we want to inform, accompany and support young migrants and single mothers with little previous education, no school leaving certificate and no professional qualifications. The focus regions are the city of Leipzig, the Erzgebirgskreis (including Johanngeorgenstadt, Tannenberg) and the district of North Saxony (Bad Düben, Oschatz). With the expansion of our activities to the two rural districts, we enable the support of migrants in rural areas who are even more affected by isolation and missing / incorrect information and who have few support offers on site.

The target groups are reached through project flyers that are available from Cooperation partners, via our Facebook page and website, via the contacts to regional and urban cooperation partners.

Another important access is through migrants who already know our project and inform other migrants from their community or environment about our offers.

As an association that was mainly founded by African students, we have so far looked after and advised many migrants and analysed their situation. We are convinced that we have to contribute to improving their situation and integration by providing them with the right information, motivating them, showing them opportunities for qualification and integration and helping support them in the implementation of their goals. In addition, our employees have similar backgrounds to our target groups and are therefore able to empathize with their situation. You also have versatile and personal experience and knowledge to solve problems.


Access to a wide range of information, advice and

Supportive accompaniment for young African migrants and single African mothers, especially newcomers, single mothers with an African migration background are improved.

African migrant’s use the support offers to quickly integrate into society.

African migrants and relevant institutions are sensitized to the respective perspectives and needs.

CASEED e.V. acts as a bridge builder between German society, the relevant institutions and the African migrants.


  1. Overcoming lack of information:

Young African migrants and single African mothers (City of Leipzig, District of North Saxony, Erzgebirgskreis) receive quickly and culturally sensitive advice and information on studying, training and using the opportunities of the socio-economic system. They apply the information about education and study in their personal life.

  1. Information and advice on integration through access to Educational opportunities are provided. We would like to advise, inform and accompany the newly arrived African migrants and show them how they can get important information quickly.

 Measures to achieve goals

  1. Establishment of an integration office in Leipzig, which Tuesday andIs open on Thursdays (more often if necessary)
  2. Support / advice for individuals / families approx. 20-30 people a year


  1. i) Coping with everyday life, access to information (e.g. Information on important regulations, childcare options, language courses, training, work, Applications, studies, entrance tests, etc.)
  2. ii) Demand-oriented online research for information

iii) Support in dealing with experiences of discrimination

  1. iv) Support in the preparation of application documents
  2. v) Assistance with translation and understanding of Letters from authorities etc.
  3. vi) Referral advice to other advice centers or institutions (including language institutes, HTWK, Leipzig University, work and life, MEPa e.V., German-Spanish Friendship, Migration Unit and Integration Leipzig, anti-discrimination office, translator, others Advice centers)
  4. c) On-site visits to refugee shelters
  5. d) Advice, information and guidance
  6. e) Translating letters to make them understandable
  7. f) Re-enacting situations from everyday life to show how to react to Organization and implementation of a panel discussion.
  8. g) Discussing and answering the questions of the target group through Cooperation partners / experts; especially on the topics of Professional perspectives and coping with everyday life.
  9. h) Cooperation with partner organizations around single parents, African mothers especially the newly arrived migrants, to reach out, e.g. German-Spanish Friendship e.V., Association of binational Families and Partnerships iaf e.V., Department for Migration and Integration Leipzig.